"Zenful Zebra" Puzzle Painting Conservation Art for A Never Ending Story

"Zenful Zebra" Puzzle Painting Conservation Art for A Never Ending Story

The first image release for A Never Ending Story is the fabulous "Zenful Zebra" This beautiful creature is roaming the abundant grasslands with a colorful little birdie perched on his back for a free ride, while butterflies flit around from flower to flower on the afternoon breeze.  
Collect all the magnet puzzle pieces and create your own epic puzzle along with me!

Some fun facts about zebras:  There are three species of zebras, all native to Africa, they are the plains zebra, mountain zebra and the endangered Grevy's zebra.  The Grevy's zebra is endangered due to hunting and habitat loss, but there are conservation organizations working with local groups, and using collars to track and protect these special zebras to preserve for generations to come.

​Zebras are suprisingly fast, able to run up to 40mph, and constantly on the move searching for grazing land and water, often traveling hundreds of miles to find the best food around.

Zebras are actually not a horse or a donkey, although more closely related to the donkey, but are in the same family called 

Zebras are herbivores, which means they eat plants, grasses, and roots.  They are also like a camel and go around 5 days without water.

One of the coolest things about zebras is that each one has it's own unique stripe pattern.  No one is sure why, whether it be to identify each other, act as sunscreen, ward off predators by confusing them or a combination of different reasons.  But, regardless they sure are one of the most beautiful creatures!  And unlike most animals, their skin is actually black.

Zebras are social creatures and usually travel in herds of 15 to 20 families, sometimes with 1,000s of animals in a herd.  This helps protect them from predators and they will form a semi-circle when threatened and have a very strong kick and bite, best not to mess around with them!  They also run in zig zag patterns to confuse any predators.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about these beautiful animals, and stay tuned for the next art drop puzzle piece from A Never Ending Story!

​This puzzle is A Never Ending Story...I am going to continue to add new puzzle pieces for an undetermined amount of time, but hopefully for a very long time!  Each piece of this puzzle will feature an animal, some of them endangered, some recovered from the endangered list through conservation efforts and others just because, haha! 

My goal for this work of puzzle art is to create a beautiful, colorful celebration of animals and the natural world.  We are all interconnected, and share this amazing planet that we get to call home.  By creating this puzzle and sharing it with art collectors and animal lovers around the world, I hope to create a sense of togetherness, we ARE in this together, and we need to be aware of our impact on the environment and other species, and be sure to make it positive.  Let's join together and help preserve and nurture this beautiful world that we all share, and celebrate the wonder of all the beautiful creatures that work in symbiotic harmony to create the most beautiful puzzle...planet earth.

A portion of the proceeds from each puzzle piece will be donated to conservation organizations to help preserve and conserve planet earth.
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