Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park ~ MAD Travels Art

Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park ~ MAD Travels Art

"Jewel of the Coast"
The original painting has sold, but travel poster prints available HERE

Ruby Beach, the “Jewel of the Coast” along Washington States western shore, and part of Olympic National Park is the subject of my most recent MAD Travels painting.  I actually visited here before I took up Van Life.  My daughter Aroon and I were visiting our family in Washington for Christmas several years ago, and they took us on a trip down to the coast.  They said we would absolutely love Ruby Beach, and oh boy, were they ever right! 

We walked down the steps from the parking lot, just getting to see little glimpses of the beach, as we wound down from the hilltop.  And finally, the scene opened up to one of the most stunning beach vistas I have ever laid eyes upon.  The ocean was churned up from a winter storm, the waves hammering the towering rocks that dotted the shoreline and carried on down the beach into the distant mist of the rolling waves.  There was driftwood pushed up on the beach by the recent high King Tides.  We wandered along the beach, enjoying the smell of salt in the air, and our two dogs frolicking into the break.  We even happened to catch some slightly crazy people swimming…in the ocean…in December, haha!  It looked as like there was some sort of a challenge going on, and as someone who never walks away from a challenge, no matter how stupid, I had to give props to the two men braving the freezing temps and swimming across a little creek crossing.

"Ruby Beach" Olympic National Park

I had taken quite a few pictures, but they are lost somewhere on my other phone, that is currently broke, so I can’t access those photos.  I do hope to go back to Ruby Beach again soon and get more photos and a chance to once again experience the awe and beauty that is Olympic National Park!  I will be back in Washington for several months this coming summer, and enjoying the perfect Pacific Northwest weather.

My daughter Aroon, her pup Finn and Me at Ruby Beach

I’ve spent quite a bit of time in Washington over the last year and a half, off and on, whether working on my van, helping my cousin out with babysitting, and just visiting family.  I was fortunate to be able to get outdoors quite a lot and ride my bike, hike and paddleboard in different parts of Olympic National Park, from Lake Crescent to Hurricane ridge and more, and will be doing lots of the same this summer, getting more inspiration for new paintings of the area.

Details of "Jewel of the Coast"

Next up in the MAD Travels Collection of Van Life inspired paintings will be Joshua Tree National Park!  Going to start on that soon, so follow me on YouTube for work in progress and finished videos.

The original "Jewel of the Coast" painting is available, and I even now have postcards to collect of the MAD Travels paintings!

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