A Passion for Art and Animals...What Inspired me to Become an Artivist

A Passion for Art and Animals...What Inspired me to Become an Artivist

"Artivist" ~ An artist who is also a conservationist.  Which is what I strive to be, to help preserve and conserve our planet and all species through my art.  I've always had a love for animals and our planet, one of the reasons I now travel in my van, so that I can basically live outdoors, and see so much of the natural beauty of this world, or, at least for now my home country, the United States.  And be inspired to paint it and share that art with all of you as an inspiration to all of us to do better, be better, and take care of our planet the best we possibly can.

I first discovered my MAD Wonderland series the end of  2018, when I created four huge paintings for a Miami Art Basel charity auction event.  My daughter had worked with the conservation company Re:wild and set it up for me to offer my art at the event, with all proceeds going to help conservation efforts around the world.  I've always loved nature and feel a close affinity to it having grown up in the wilds of Alaska, so I jumped at the opportunity to give back through my art.  I wanted to create art with a fun, uplifting vibe centered around the beauty of our natural world. Was thrilled when all four paintings sold, even had Leonardo Dicaprio bidding on my paintings!!  He is the cofounder of Re:wild and does amazing conservation work.
This was the beginning of a new era for me and MADART Studios.  All of my art is now centered around animals, conservation and sharing the beauty and importance of our planet with others.  I feel a purpose and passion with my conservation art, and the hope that by sharing my journey it will inspire others to also do their part in saving our planet and all the species in it.
In addition to my MAD Wonderland series of paintings, which feature endangered animals, I also have my epic puzzle painting "A NeverEnding Story" which also features animals, particularly endangered species, but also the flora and fauna of this world.  All to highlight our interconnection with ourselves, our planet and all species that inhabit it.  And how we must protect all of it, in order to preserve the natural beauty, and sustainability of mother earth, our home, for all future genterations.
I am now also inspired to paint the places I visit in my van life adventures, to highlight the beauty of the natural world, right here at home in the good ole U.S. of A!  There are so many incredible places, and so happy to share them with you through my whimsical, colorful art.  Of course, the art isn't 100% true to the actual place, as I don't paint realism.  But, I hope to translate the sheer beauty and awe of these places through mood, color and my own unique style of fun and whimsy in my art.  I create a blog post to go with each new MAD Travels painting, to talk about the place the painting is inspired from, the conservation efforts involved and any animals or plants that may be endangered in that area, and the protections afforded through national park status, or otherwise.  


My goal is to eventually visit, and paint, all 63 National Parks, and everything in between.  I didn't start my van life journey out expecting to paint these places, but very quickly realized, I needed to, that they were just too amazing, and have an important story to tell, that I simply HAVE to paint them.  And when I get a calling with my art, I follow it, just as my calling to be an artivist has deeply spoken to me, so has combining that passion with becoming a National Parks artist.  So, I hope you will join me on my artivist journey, and be inspired to live a life that is sustainable, eco friendly and best for all of us and our home...planet earth.


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