Fun, Colorful Art featuring the Brilliant Purple Harlequin Frog

Fun, Colorful Art featuring the Brilliant Purple Harlequin Frog

"Joyous World"
I love colorful animals, and the purple Harlequin frog just happens to display all it's fabulous glory in my favorite color!  I couldn't resist featuring this beautiful species in my newest MAD Wonderland painting "Joyous World". 
Five Harlequin Frog Facts:
  • Commonly called the Purple Fluorescent Frog, it was only discovered in 2007.
  • They are found only in Costa Rica, but due to loss of habitat, and disease linked to climate change, have become critically endangered.
  • They live to be around 10 years old.
  • The males have no vocal sac, so they communicate to females through head and leg twitches, stomping the ground and hopping.
  • They are a land frog, and only go in the water during mating season.
  • ​Conservation efforts and constant monitoring of the species for disease, habitat protection and genetic studies have helped to keep the population stable.  

    A portion of the proceeds of this painting will be donated to Rewild an organization I have collaborated with, and continue to contribute to.
  • Examples of what the painting could look like framed and in room settings


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Thank you so much Staci! I’ve just developed my style over time with a love of color, whimsy and conserving and preserving our planet :) I do have a few tutorials on my YouTube channel @madartstudios ~

Megan Duncanson

Where do you get your inspiration—I suppose by inspiration I mean painting style? I am obsessed with your art!! It is so beautifully whimsical! Do you teach your artistic style? Fantastic art!


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