Van Life

Let me take you on a journey of awe inspiring landscapes, tempest oceans, raging rivers, and cityscapes around the world. All seen through my eyes in art, photographs and storytelling. A tale of living life on my own terms and exploring a world of wonder and beauty. I'm currently traveling around the Southwestern United States in my self converted campervan.  I left Florida (Miami), after having lived there for most of the last 30 years.  I was feeling  wanderlust for something new, something different. I've always had the need to mix things up, for constant change.  After the quarantine of the pandemic and the change of life that came with that, I wanted to get out more, do more, see more.  So last year in August (2021) I just up and decided I was going to buy a van, travel across the country with it, and my little Snowshoe kitty Mikee, and go to Washington State to visit family and work on the conversion of my van.

And I did!  Within a month and a half of making the decision, I sold almost every earthly belonging, bought a Ford Transit van and trekked across the country.  It took awhile to get the van completed for the road, lots of ups and downs with the conversion, and with life in general.  But, I finally had it ready enough to go on a little mini trip down the west coast for six weeks.  And it was everything I had hope it would be and more!  I was back in Washington until mid September of this year (2022), but now back on the road with Mikee indefinitely and absolutely loving it!

I have the van set up so that I can still work and paint while on the road, and so far it has worked out even better than I had expected.  I am also traveling to lots of State and National Parks, National Monuments and Forests gathering reference photos and in person experiences for work on my new travel series, inspired by my journeys.  I will also be continuing to work on my epic puzzle painting "A NeverEnding Story" and selling the magnet pieces as that progresses.

If you would like to follow along on my journey, and to see a quick little video of my van conversion, subscribe to my YouTube channel.