The Enlightenment Series, a collection of unique symbolic designs created to empower, motivate, and inspire individuals to live out their lives with passion and purpose. These symbols are prominently featured in my gears and chains cycling inspired art, and as stand alone art symbols (available as prints HERE). One notable design from this series, the "Embrace the Chaos" symbol, has gained additional recognition as it is tattooed on March Anthony. This symbol is a testament to the power of finding balance and strength amid life's unpredictability. Symbols from MeganAroon's Enlightenment Series serve as daily reminders to navigate life with courage and authenticity, making them perfect for those seeking inspiration and a deeper connection to their personal journey. Read the blog post on how Marc Anthony came to have this special tattoo symbol.
Read the blog posts filled with inspiring messages, and the empowering meaning behind each of the symbols in the Enlightenment Series.
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Follow Your Path Sketchbook 1 Cycling Symbol Gears Painting enlightenment symbols as seen on the likes of marc anthony