SHIPPING QUESTIONS:  Is shipping included in the price?  Yes, shipping within the United States is included in the listed price for originals and Limited Edition Prints, all other products will display shipping at checkout.  If you are interested in shipping outside of the U.S., message us for a quote: meganaroon@gmail.com

Shipping times ~ All limited edition prints are mostly pre-orders as I don't have room in my van studio/home to keep inventory, so delivery can take approximately 3-4 WEEKS as I have to order, and have shipped while on the road to wherever I am currently staying, and then hand signed and shipped to you :)   Original paintings are usually shipped within one week of ordering.

DO YOU ACCEPT RETURNS:  Due to currently traveling around the United States in my campervan, it is very difficult to receive returns as I am never in one place long enough to set up a permanent address.  But, I will do my best to fix any issues with your order.

If a package is damaged in transit, please contact the shipping provider.  I insure all of my original paintings.

If you have any issues, or questions, please use the contact us tab in the menu, or message us at meganaroon@gmail.com

DO YOU OFFER PAYMENT PLANS:  Yes, at checkout you will be be given an option of payment plans up to 12 month installments (details on pricing is available during checkout).  Once the first payment is received your art will be shipped.

 IS YOUR ART AVAILABLE TO SEE IN PERSON:  I currently am not represented by any galleries, or have a studio to visit as I'm currently traveling in my van.  

DO YOU OFFER PRINTS OF YOUR ART:  I offer limited edition prints for my newest travel collection paintings, and also open edition prints for 1,000's of images in my Fine Art America shop.

WHAT MEDIUM DO YOU PAINT WITH:  I use acrylic paints and acrylic paint pens and Sharpies.  I mostly paint on recycled Canon bristol paper, or wood surfaces.