"Follow Your Path" to Enlightenment and Destiny

"Follow Your Path" to Enlightenment and Destiny

   by the journey
       of dreams imagined
          goals to achieve
                 A path not yet forged

In the labyrinth of life, we often seek symbols to anchor our souls, guiding us through the uncharted waters of existence. For me, that symbol is "Follow Your Path," a design that speaks to the core of our journey, embodying the essence of our individual destinies.

Imagine a circle, imperfect - broken, but eternal, representing infinite change. This circle, rendered in stark black and white, is a testament to the cyclical nature of life, where every end is a new beginning, and every beginning is rooted in an end. It is a reminder that life is a series of continuous transformations, an endless dance of becoming all that we are meant to be.

Through this circle pierces an arrow, direct and unwavering. The arrow is our will, our determination, the unyielding force that propels us forward. It symbolizes movement, the constant push towards our destiny, urging us to stride confidently through the landscapes of our lives. In its simplicity, the arrow speaks volumes, reminding us that no matter how winding the path, our direction is always forward-

striving -
achieving -
searching...emphasized by love and our hearts desire.
follow your path circle arrow lines symbol from the MeganAroon enlightenment series as seen on marc anthony

Connecting and intersecting with this dynamic duo are lines. These lines represent the myriad of paths we have taken and will take. They are the memories of roads traveled and the dreams of journeys yet to come - of past lives lived, and future lives to be discovered. Each line is a story, a chapter in our personal odyssey, woven into the tapestry of our existence. There is no wrong path, for they all guide us on our own personal journey of life.

"Follow Your Path" is more than just a symbol; it is a mantra, a visual poem that inspires and motivates. It adorns my cycling-inspired gear and chain paintings, where each stroke and link becomes a metaphor for moving through life on our own terms. In the realm of cycling, we find the perfect metaphor for life itself: the rhythm of the pedals, the chain's perpetual motion, and the liberation found in the wind against our faces as we toss away the chains that bind us. These cycling inspired paintings are so much more than a simple design of gears and chains - they are the metaphor for our lives journey, navigating the twists and turns of a life well lived. 

This symbol is part of my enlightenment series, a collection that has found resonance in many hearts, including the arm of Marc Anthony, who proudly bears the "Embrace the Chaos" symbol. These symbols, like guiding stars, remind us to embrace our journeys, however chaotic or serene they may be, and follow our path down whichever road we chose.

As you gaze upon "Follow Your Path," let it be a reminder to honor your journey. Welcome the circle of infinite change, follow the arrow of your destiny with unwavering resolve, and acknowledge the lines of your past and future paths. This symbol is a tribute to our resilience, our dreams, and our unwavering spirit to move forward, always forward, through the ever-evolving narrative of life. follow your path symbol sketchbook paintings from the MeganAroon Enlightenment series as seen on marc anthony

the meganaroon enlightenment symbol series


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