Embracing Freedom: The Birth of My Van Life Journey and Building My Tiny Home on Wheels

Embracing Freedom: The Birth of My Van Life Journey and Building My Tiny Home on Wheels

It all started with a bold decision – selling nearly everything I owned and embarking on a cross-country adventure in my trusty Ford Transit van, a journey that would redefine my sense of freedom and connection. September of 2021 marked the beginning of my nomadic life, and the catalyst for this grand adventure was a nagging wanderlust for life on the open road.

packing up all my belongings into my newly purchased For transit and traveling across the country to convert it MeganAroon

Leaving behind the familiar streets of Miami, I packed the remnants of my life into the empty cargo space of the van, its walls echoing with the promise of uncharted roads and untold stories. The plan was simple yet profound – hit the open road, taking the Southern route towards the unknown.

As the miles unfolded, so did the landscapes. From the warmth of Floridas late summer quickly fading behind me, every turn brought a new chapter to our journey. And as my Snowshoe cat Mikee and I traversed the sun-kissed highways, my thoughts often drifted to Aroon, my only child, who had carved her own path running a successful business back home in Miami. The bittersweet longing for family underscored the freedom I sought on this odyssey.

stopped in at the painted forest of the Petrified national park on our trip across the country MeganAroon
From the painted forest of Petrified National Park in Arizona to the endless wind torn plains peppered with windmills standing as sentinels guiding us across the empty plains of Texas and into the arid beauty of New Mexico and Nevada. The van, a sturdy and reliable companion, conquered each mile with grace, carrying us through the vastness of the American West.
the  windmill sentinesl dotting the texas plains guiding us to our new life on the road Megan Aroon
Our adventure reached a temporary pause when we arrived in Sequim, Washington, a place where the rain-kissed landscapes met the welcoming embrace of my relatives. Here, amid the cool winds and misty afternoons, I decided to transform my van into a cozy haven for the upcoming spring months.
solo female van life woman converting my van into a tiny home on wheels in the dead of winter in sequim washington MeganAroon
The winter months in Sequim became a time of metamorphosis for the van and for myself. From insulation to solar panels, each step in the conversion process reflected my commitment to turning this mobile vessel into a sanctuary of comfort and self-discovery.
converting my van into a tiny home all by myself as a solo woman MeganAroon
As the last frost of winter gave way to the bloom of spring, my van emerged anew, ready for the next leg of our adventure. With Mikee by my side and memories of family lingering in my heart, we set forth, once again, to explore the wonders that awaited us on the open road. Little did I know that this journey, fueled by a desire for freedom and self-discovery, would become a tapestry of experiences woven with the threads of diverse landscapes, cherished moments, and the ever-present companionship of a four-legged friend. And so, the Ford Transit van continued its odyssey, carrying us through the vastness of America, one mile at a time.
our finished home on wheels ready for adventures on the open road as a traveling artist and blogger MeganAroon
Join me as I transform a simple white van into my sanctuary, my art studio and the home that forever changed me. I will be posting more stories of what it took as a single woman converting a van into a tiny home on wheels on her own, throughout the cold winter months in the PNW Wonderland. 

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