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"Embrace the Life You Deserve" Original Doodle Gears PoP Art Painting

"Embrace the Life You Deserve" Original Doodle Gears PoP Art Painting

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From the MeganAroon Doodle Gears PoP Art Collection ~  with the enlightenment symbol "Embrace Life" Shop the "Embrace Life" symbol prints HERE

Title: "Embrace the Life You Deserve"

Size: 19"x24"

Surface: Recycled Canson Bristol paper (will need to be framed, frame not included)

Frame: Shop selection of frames HERE

Paint: Acrylics 

Shipping: Domestic and International Shipping Included

Artist: Megan Aroon - All Rights Reserved

Ever wondered what the inside of an artists brain looks like...

A glimpse into the depths of my soul -

of my passion, my drive, my dreams -

the bewildering symphony of chaos that is my mind and from which comes forth artistic creation. This newest painting IS my mind, it IS the chaos within, and I embrace it. And thank you to my van cat Mikee for helping to reveal the painting 😄

My newest doodle gear painting inspired by cycling - powered by passion. This painting isn't only a represenation of a love for cycling, but a reminder to "Embrace the Life You Deserve". We all have those moments in our lives when everything seems to go awry, and chaos ensues. Let this painting remind you, to accept that what is out of your control, does not define you, and to adapt it to you and your life, or to simply let go. The choice is always yours to make and yours alone. Can you find the symbol from my Enlightenment Series within this painting? So many fun little details throughout - this painting has so much to discover and unfold all the hidden meanings within. 

In this painting, I've poured my heart and soul into creating a vibrant and bold rainbow masterpiece. This piece is a celebration of the chaotic beauty that life brings, depicted through a series of intricate gear doodles and my inspiring and empowering enlightenment symbol, "Embrace Life" As you explore the painting, you'll notice smiley face gears, flower gears, and an abundance of arrows and design elements that convey a sense of constant movement and energy. Each element is meticulously placed to evoke a feeling of joy and positivity amidst the chaos. The rainbow colors burst forth, filling the canvas with a lively and dynamic aura. This artwork is a reminder to find beauty in the unpredictable and to embrace the ever-changing nature of our journey. It's a bold declaration that even in the midst of chaos, there is always room for growth, joy, and endless possibilities. 

I am a traveling van life artist, cyclist and blogger telling the stories of my travel adventures across the United States and around the world through art, and storytelling on my blog. 

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